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Pasteur Assembe baptisant à Yaoundé
Pasteur Assembe baptisant à Yaoundé

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Nearly 2,000 Baptized After a Harvest Campaign by Zoom

14 juillet 2021
Baptism in Garoua Church

This is the partial assessment of a harvest program held by Dr Kingsley Anonaba from June 6 to 12, 2021 on hundreds reception points by zoom and several hundred small groups in Cameroon.

View of the zoom campaign

The eyes shining, the smile of happiness at the corners of the lips, the air of surprise, these describe the reaction of the majority all those who learn the news of the provisional result of 1,912 baptisms. The Amazing Truth Bible Lectures is a continuation of a well-planned program. For six weeks beginning May 1, 2021, the entire Adventist Church in Cameroon had been studying the 28 fundamental beliefs.

Candidates ready for Baptism in Maroua Church

The harvest followed with powerful messages on the theme « The Risen Savior”. Presented from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, these sermons were broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook. They were followed and watched in a dozen other countries including Gabon, Chad, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria… Thanks to the good translation in French by Pastor Sessou Selom.

The last day message, on Saturday June 12, 2021, emphasized on the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation of the Word and witnessing to which all newly baptized should give themselves. According to the non-consolidated report, besides the 1,912 baptized hundreds of backsliders have come back to Church. Addressing all of them, the speaker said, « The most important thing is not to be baptized only, but to abide in Christ and in the sheepfold. « 

In addition, during the final closing evening, accents of gratitude broke out. First, the speaker of this series, Pastor Kingsley Anonaba, Executive Secretary of the West-Central Africa Division (WAD), acknowledged the arm of the Lord and Church involvement. « We owe the outcome to the grace of God, collaboration with the Department of Evangelism and the efforts of leaders, pastors, elders and church members. « 

Pasteur Assembe baptisant à Yaoundé

Then Pastor Yenge Isaac, Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Union Mission and coordinator of this program expressed his gratitude just after sharing the results of the baptisms on a part of the territory. « These baptism figures are a very partial result. We are waiting for all the sites to communicate their reports », he said. And finally, Pastor Assembe Valère, President of the Adventist Church in Cameroon did not fail to thank the administrators of the WAD for the choice of Cameroon for this pilot campaign. « When we say thank you, it is because we are still asking for more, » he added.

Newly Baptized in Yaounde-Nkomo Church

This is the very first experience and it encourages further exploration of the digital technologies in proclaiming the Gospel message. The listeners are asking for more.

Abraham BAKARI

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